Squash League 2016

The Squash League is a redpoint competition; you get one point per problem climbed. The problems will all be up for at least a couple of weeks and you can complete the problems at any point during this time.

There will be four categories; Fun, Open (male and female) and U16s. We will place people in categories based on their score in the first round. Every two weeks we will take down 10 problems and set 10 more. This will continue until 100 problems have been set in total.

The competition costs just £1 to enter; this covers you for the entire duration of the comp and earns you a free tea or coffee. In addition, we have plenty of prizes for you all. Evolv have offered a pair of Shamans for the winners in each category. There will also be spot prizes given away each round.

We would like to thank Evolv and Sherpa for sponsoring this event and we hope you enjoy it.