NIBAS and NICAS Resources

This page contains a number of resources for both NICAS and NIBAS. With the tests, you can either print these off and hand-in a physical copy or e-mail a digital copy.


NICAS Level 3

Knowledge of Equipment

For NICAS Level 3 there are two pieces of work we would like you to complete. The first is a research project to develop your knowledge of indoor climbing equipment (3.1) and demonstrate your ability to access information from climbing websites (3.7). The worksheet can be downloaded by clicking here.

This test involves a large amount of independent research from a number of websites. The links recommended in this document can be found below:

Watch a Climbing Film

The second piece of work involves watching and describing a climbing film (3.7). This should be a much quicker exercise; the worksheet can be downloaded here. The film we would like you to watch, Grit Kids, can be found at the following link:

Grit Kids