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The Sherpa Circuit Board Championships 2014

Results from the summer festival can be found below.

Final Sherpa Circuit Results

Boulder Comp Results

Pull Up Comp Results

Hang a Sloper Results

Speed Comp Results

Qualifying results can be found here.

The Climbing Station - Climbing Festival and the final of the Sherpa Circuit Board Championships

Cost is your normal entrance plus £5 includes entry to all events and a free t shirt (first 200)

Plan for the day – caveat times may change and things may not go perfectly to plan

Running all day from 12.00

  • Boulder comp – Prizes for what we have determined as the optimum score for an open category, intermediate and fun. So you all have a chance of winning

10.00 to 12.30

  • Final of - Fun Category of The Sherpa Circuit Board Championships – Routes will be demonstrated at 10.00 so if you have qualified for the final please arrive in plenty of time.
  • Children’s boulder and speed comp aimed at children from our classes and will be run by an instructor –must be booked. Great prizes from Evolv and Charko for the boulder comp and Speed comp prizes; first (£15), second (£10) and third (£5) gift cards from Cotswold 12.30 ish.
  • Prize giving for the Children’s competitions and Fun category in The Sherpa Circuit Board Championships

12.30 until no more Burgers

  • Free barbeque

2.00 to 4.30

  • Open Category of The Sherpa Circuit Board Championships – Routes will be demonstrated (hopefully) at 1.45 so if you have qualified for the final and want to see the demo please be sure to be in the circuit room by 1.45

2.00 to 4.00

  • Cotswold Speed Climbing Comp – You climb 2 routes on the top rope wall and best aggregate time wins (you must sign up as there are limited spaces). Great prizes from Cotswold Outdoors Nottingham; first (£15), second (£10) and third (£5) (male and female)

2.00 to 4.00

  • Beastmaker Hold the Sloper Comp – you will need to be timed by one of the circuit room judges
  • Pull up Comp – Junior, Female, Male – prize for the highest score in each category

4.00 – 5.00

  • Cotswold Dyno Comp – A knock out comp, prizes for first: £15 gift card for best junior U16, male and female) + spot prizes


  • Prize Giving


A special thanks to Beastmaker, Cotswold, Evolv, Charko and Sherpa Adventure Gear for their support

Introducing the Second Sherpa Circuit Board Championships. Proudly bought to you by The Climbing Station and Sherpa Adventure Gear. Click here see our promo video.

The Sherpa Circuit Board Championships is a new concept where climbers compete in a boulder/lead style comp on a circuit board to become overall circuit board champion.
The April round begins on Tuesday 1st April. You have a whole month to do each round, so you don't have to do it all on one night.
There will be two qualifying rounds run throughout April and May with a final and Climbing Festival on 8th June 2014. Each qualifying round will have 8 circuit routes set and available to climb throughout the month: F5 / 6a / 6b /6c / 7a / 7b / 7c / F8a.
Competitors select one ability category from the two below. Points will be entered into the scoring system for your chosen category:
• Fun is for climbers who would expect to climb up to F6c.
• Open is for climbers who would expect to climb over F7a.
Routes will be set in the circuit room at The Climbing Station and to take part you need to buy a score card for £2.50 for both rounds.
To qualify for the final you can enter either or both rounds however the best score will be taken for qualification. The top 5 from each category: male, female and junior (under 16 on the 1st of April 2014) will qualify for the final to be held on the 8th June 2014 and will culminate in the crowning of Sherpa Circuit Board Champion (male, female and junior) We have some fantastic prizes and trophies for the top three finalists in each category.
The final on the 8th of June will be the headline event to our climbing festival - This will be big day including:


- Boulder comp
- Dyno Comp
- Free BBQ
- Shoe demo
-Climbing Masterclass
-And many more events to satisfy all.



There will be 2 qualifier rounds. The highest scores from either round will be used to select the finalists.

A Grand Final shall take place on the 8th June 2014, starting at 10am.

There shall be no isolation in any of the series or the Grand Final, unless there needs to be any super finals.


All ages are inclusive. If under 14 or not a member of The Climbing Station then they must be supervised by a member 18 years old or above.

Junior category, is sub divided into fun and open. To qualify as a junior you must be under 16 on the 1st of april 2013.

The competition is open to climbers of all nationalities.

Any climber who has route set at one of the competitions will not be allowed to accrue points at that competition.


Climbers will pay The Climbing Station entry fee plus £2.50 for their scorecard to cover both rounds.

Prior to competing at each competition, a climber shall register their involvement by purchasing a Scorecard from The Climbing Station.

The competition is divided up into two ability categories and also into male, female and junior (under 16)

 – Fun (F5 to 6c) and open (F7a to 8a).

Each climber chooses the category they wish to compete in.

Scoring & points

Points shall be awarded for completing the circuit: First attempt 20 pts, Second attempt 15 pts, Third attempt 11 pts, Fourth attempt 8 pts, Fifth attempt 6 pts, Sixth attempt 5 pts

For climbers not completing the entire circuit, routes will have 3 bonus holds, each counting for 1 point. The bonus points do not count towards your score if you complete the route. The bonus holds must be collected in numerical order. The finish hold will be the 3rd bonus hold, holds 1 and 2 will be marked with tags.


Each round of the competition shall consist of 8 routes graded F5, F6a, F6b, F6c, F7a, F7b, F7c and F8a.

The same routes shall be used by all ability, age and gender categories.

Climbers in ALL categories should attempt to climb all of the routes regardless of what category entered.

The Climbing Station reserves the right to ask competitors to move categories if the score clearly indicates they are in the wrong category.

Each route shall be indicated by a Start/Finish tag.

All routes start from the ground at the designated Start/Finish tags.

An attempt by a climber shall be deemed to have started when both feet have left the ground.

Climbers may touch/clean holds within reach of the ground, but should not weight or test them.

In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, the climber shall immediately return to the ground and a restart must be made from the Start/Finish tags. Climbers are not allowed to practice the route, or work it in stages, as each attempt must start from the beginning.

Climbers shall be allowed any number of attempts at each route. With the corresponding change in points with a successful attempt.

The side edges and top edges of the wall are out of bounds.

All volumes are included in the route and can be used for hands and feet.

A climber shall be deemed to have successfully completed a climb if he/she finishes on the Start/Finish tags with both hands under control.

Only one climber on a circuit board at once as routes cross over in a figure of 8 fashion.

A climber shall be deemed to have unsuccessfully completed an attempt on a climb if he/she:

a) Falls;

b) Touches any part of the wall surface beyond the marked boundaries of the climb;

c) Makes illegitimate use of any non-legitimate hold or the side-edges or top-edges of the wall;

d) Once having started, touches the ground with any part of the body;

e) Uses any artificial aid.

Climbers must start the next attempt at the Start/Finish tags and not where they fell off.

Technical Incidents

A technical incident is defined as:

a) A broken or loose hold;

b) Other occurrence that results in a disadvantage or unfair advantage to a climber which is not the result of an action on the part of the climber.

Only the climber may declare a technical incident and must report instantly to a member of staff.

Declaration of a technical incident shall be resolved through discussion between the staff and the climber.

Following the declaration of a technical incident, resolution can take one of the following forms:

a) The climber’s attempt is deemed void and the climber can make the attempt again, starting from the ground.

b) The declaration of a technical incident is deemed void and the climber’s attempt is considered valid.

c) The Climbing Station managers decision is final. 


Your best score from either qualifier will to be considered for the final.

A climber’s scorecard must be returned to The Climbing Station at the end of the day and at the end of each round for their score to be considered for inclusion in their Series total.

After the two qualifiers, The Climbing Station shall invite a quota of climbers in each category with the highest scores the qualifiers to compete in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final quota for each category (male, female, (under 16s no gender split)- fun and open) will be 5 in each.

In the event that one or more climbers are unable to attend the Grand Final, The Climbing Station may choose to substitute the next eligible climber(s) in the category.

Format of the Grand Final

Those that have qualified for the final will be asked to climb 3 routes.

The fun category final (male, female and junior) will take place between 10.00am and 12.00pm (There will be a competitor briefing at 10am)

Prize giving for the fun will take place at 12.15pm

The open category final (male, female and junior) will take place between 2.00pm and 4.30pm. (There will be a competitor briefing at 1.45pm)

Prize giving for the open will be at 5.00pm.

The scoring will be the same as used for the qualifiers, with the addition of bonus holds.

In the final there will be route judges who will score and determine the climbing sequence.

In the event of a draw, scores for the qualifiying rounds will be taken into account. If competitors are still tied then there will be a superfinal, carried out under isolation conditions.

The Climbing Station management decision is final.