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We run a variety of competitions and other events throughout the year. Below you'll find details of our recent and upcoming events.

Summer Boulder League 2017

The Summer Boulder League is back for 2017. As with previous years, we will keep each round up for a number of weeks during which time you can climb the problems and enter your score. The scoring is based on attempts taken, so the fewer attempts it takes you to complete a problem the more points you will get. 


There are three categories, so whatever level you are climbing at, you will be able to compete:


Fun: VB-3

Inter: V3-5

Open: V5+


We will be running four rounds in total this year with your best three scores counting to your final score. So if you miss a round you will still be in with a good chance of winning.


The first round was set for our Summer festival on 10th June. So if you came down for that comp you have already completed round 1. The second round will be up on Friday 7th June at around 17:00. We will provide dates for the third and forth rounds as soon as they are confirmed. 


Scorecards are free so come and pick one up today.

Youth Boulder Comp 2017

Over the summer holidays we will be running a youth bouldering competition. The problems will be up from 17:00 on 12th July until 23rd August and you will be able to enter your score anytime during this period. Scorecards are just £2.

We will split competitors into two age groups:

*11 and under


Thanks to Beyond Hope and Beta Climbing Designs for sponsoring this event. We hope to see all you young crushers at the Station soon.