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We run a variety of competitions and other events throughout the year. Below you'll find details of our recent and upcoming events.

Squash League 2017

The Squash League is back for 2017. This competition is unique in that the number of attempts taken to climb a problem does not affect your score; one point per climb. So you can work the routes for as long as they are up.

We will set one hundred problems over the course of seven rounds. The first thirty problems will be set on 3rd March. We will then reset between ten and twenty routes every fortnight. So, each problem will be up for at least two weeks.

As with previous years there will be a fun and open category with prizes available for the top three in each group. In addition, all competitors will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win cash prizes of £100, £75 and £25. The winners of these prizes will be drawn after the final round.

Entry is just £5 for the whole competition.

Summer Festival 2017

This year's Summer Festival will be running on Saturday 10th June. There will be a variety of competitions, a free BBQ and a sale rail with discounted summer clothing.

The competitions and your first burger will be free with entry.

There will be three separate competitions. The boulder comp will involve 40 problems with competitors split into three categories; fun, intermediate and open. The dyno comp is a knockout competition with the target hold gradually getting higher and higher. Finally, the speed competition will involve head-to-head races between climbers on our top-rope wall.

Charko and Sherpa have kindly donated prizes to be awarded to the winners of these competitions.

The festival will start at 12:00, we hope to see you down here.