Learn to Climb or Improve Your Skills with Our Courses

Here at the Station we run a number of courses designed to introduce people to both bouldering and roped climbing, and to help you climb harder! 

Inductions: Become a competent boulderer

We run a number of induction courses each week. After participating in one of these 1.5 hour sessions we will sign you off as competent to climb independently at the station. Further, if you're 18 or over you will be able to sign in up to two novices.

14-17 year olds are also able to take an induction course and will be signed off to climb independently, however, they will not be able to sign in novices until they reach 18-years-old.

Children under-14 can join-in on the family inductions we run on Sundays. They will only need to pay £8 rather than the full induction fee, but, they will be unable to climb independently after.

These sessions run on:

Mondays: 7:30pm

Wednesdays: 6:00pm

Sundays: 4:00pm (Family Induction)

Inductions are just £15 and include lifetime registration, shoe hire and refreshments. As a bonus, we'll also give you some introductory coaching during the session.

Top-Rope Course: Learn Basic Rope Work

We run top-rope courses on an ad hoc basis so we can be flexible about dates and times. However, we require a minimum of three people booked in if we are to run these sessions.

The sessions are typically 1.5 hours and we will sign you off once we are confident that you are competent to use the ropes independently; typically after three sessions.

Each session costs £20 per-person and includes, shoes, tea or coffee and a cake. Non-members will also receive lifetime registration as part of the cost.

Coaching: Climb Harder

We have a number of options for those interested in coaching. First, we run coaching sessions every Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30pm. These sessions cost £2 plus entry and are suitable for those climbing up to V3. 

We can also run private coaching sessions for those who climb at a higher level or want a more individualised session. You can book these anytime provided that one of our coaches is free to take the session.

These will typically run for 1 hour and cost £25 per-coach plus entry. We have a maximum ratio of one coach to 6 climbers.